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We need more people to take action

Hi, I'm Nicole from Bush Heritage Australia. I wanted to personally connect with people like you, that have shown an interest in protecting Australia's amazing wildlife, and to show you some of the groundwork that we're doing around the country, to protect Australia's most vulnerable species, and return the bush to good health.

All around Australia our unique wildlife is struggling against escalating threats from land clearing, climate change and introduced species such as feral cats and foxes. 

It can seem like this is happening a long way from our everyday lives but the affects of doing nothing will have an impact on all of us.

By working together with caring Australians like you, and in partnership with Aboriginal people, Bush Heritage reserve staff and ecologists are working around the clock to repair the damage that's been done. 

Every day we're working where we're needed most, to restore balance and bring the bush back to good health. Because we understand that what happens to our environment affects us now and for generations to come.

Together we can have a big impact and be on the right side of history. We'd love for you to join forces with us, to return the bush to good health.

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