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Liffey Valley Bush Chat

Published 06 Jul 2021 

Water is Life on Naree

The Liffey Valley, situated on the land of the Tasmanian Aboriginal People, is comprised of 4 spectacular reserves, including Liffey River and the famous, Oura Oura, where Bush Heritage began 30 years ago. 

This region, part of the Kooparoona Niara (Great Western Tiers) was a meeting place for three Tasmanian Aboriginal groups: the Big River, North and North Midlands people. Made up of a rich array of diverse ecosystems, these reserves offer vital habitat to species including the Spotted-tail Quoll, Wedge-tailed Eagles, and Tasmanian Devil.

In this Bush Chat we discuss the work our supporters help to support at the Liffey Valley Reserves.

Michael Bretz, the Tasmanian Regional Reserve Manager, provides an update on the latest restoration and conservation projects taking place in the reserves. Michael joined Bush Heritage Australia just over a year ago, after working as a biologist and ecologist in Tasmania for many years.

We are also fortunate to be joined by one of Bush Heritage’s founding directors, and now Life Member and Bush Legacy Circle advocate, Judy Henderson AO. Judy was instrumental in helping secure the two blocks which created the organisation, enabling many more parts of the country to be protected forever.