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Webinar: Nardoo Hills turns 20

Bush Broadcast: Autumn 2024

Published 28 Mar 2024

Victoria has cleared over 80% of its woodlands. In the face of that destruction, 20 years ago Bush Heritage managed to secure critical patches of temperate woodlands within Nardoo Hills, which have been cared for ever since.

It’s a beautiful milestone and a cause for celebration.

It’s almost impossible to imagine the Australian bush without the sound of a laughing Kookaburra or flashy show of colour from a passing lorikeet, robin or honeyeater.

At our Nardoo Hills reserves, we're protecting some of Victoria’s few areas of grassy box and box-ironbark woodlands, which are home to woodland birds like the Hooded Robin and Diamond Firetail, both threatened in the state. 

Join Reserve Manager Dan Nugent and Ecologist Rowan Mott, among others, to celebrate 20 years at Nardoo Hills and working to protect the beautiful temperate woodlands.

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