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Bush Broadcast: Bringing native fish back to our rivers

Published 25 May 2022 

Saturday 21 May is World Fish Migration Day, which aims to create awareness about the importance of migratory fish and free-flowing rivers. Within our great Murray-Darling Basin, native fish populations are currently estimated to be about 10% of pre-European settlement. One such species is the endangered Macquarie perch.

Join Bush Heritage Australia's Lis McLellan and our below special guests as we showcase the work of an exciting project using Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) remote sensing and drone surveys to assess natural barriers to assist with environmental flow planning for Macquarie Perch spawning migrations in the upper Murrumbidgee River.

This project is made possible thanks to funding from the NSW Government, the Murray Darling Basin Authority's Native Fish Strategy and the Australian Government's Healthy Rivers Grant