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Technology in conservation

Published 20 Oct 2022 

From camera traps to satellites and drones, to song meters and eco-acoustics, technology has become an essential component of biodiversity conservation, enabling more effective data collection, enhanced management decision-making, and targeted monitoring to measure impact.

Technology is a vital tool that compliments traditional conservation efforts – but doesn't take away the need for on the ground reserve management. It can, however, hugely reduce the manual labour required to collect vital conservation data and holds the potential to vastly increase our ability to understand and address critical environmental challenges.

Join Bush Heritage Australia's Dr Daniella Teixeira, Colin Broughton and Justin McCann as they chat about how they use technology in their work, the interface between technology and people and what the future holds for utilising new technologies in conservation.

Dr Daniella Teixeira

Dr Daniella Teixeira

Senior Ecologist, North Region

Megan Good

Colin Broughton

Spatial Analyst

Megan Good

Justin McCann

Data Officer