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Will science save us?

Published 17 Aug 2021 

Imagine a future where biodiversity loss is halted. Where science is championed and carbon isn't emitted unchecked. Where we look to the best practices and centre the voice of Traditional Owners and scientists to lead a pathway forward. Imagine a sustainable future.

But how do we get there?

This discussion took place live on the Bush Heritage Australia Facebook page to kick off National Science Week 2021.  

Hear from three of our Science and Conservation team: Dr Rebecca Spindler, Dr Kate Fitzherbert and Clair Dougherty, and our Aboriginal Partnerships Officer for Western Australia, Chontarle Bellottie

Experts in their fields, Bec, Kate, Clair and Chonnie will discuss what knowledges we need to lean on if we want to work towards a sustainable future for all. 

Topics include:

  • The threat of climate change. How are the impacts of a changing climate informing our work?  
  • How do we come together to catalyse the science? How do we take personal action?
  • How is Bush Heritage’s Knowledge Strategy opening the door to scientific collaboration? How is right-way science healing Country?