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Yourka Bush Chat

Published 11 Feb 2021 

In this webinar, Paul and Leanne Hales (Healthy Landscape Manager and Volunteer Coordinator) share their stories with you direct from beautiful Yourka Reserve lookout.

Together, they provide an overview of the Einasleigh Uplands from the wet tropics to the tablelands. They will also talk through some of the annual conservation challenges, as well as some of the climate challenges at Yourka Reserve, including the complexities of fire, feral and weed management work on Yourka Reserve, and an update on Siam weed. Watch a Siam weed video or read more about Siam - one of the world's most invasive weeds.

They also look forward to highlighting some of the success stories, such as Magnificent Brood Frog findings and engagement with key individuals and groups to achieve conservation outcomes.