Spring 2002

Published 21 Sep 2002 
Spring 2002 newsletter
Spring 2002
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  • Western Australia - again in the spotlight
    The tremendous support for Chereninup Creek left us with enough funds to purchase another important property in the Gondwana Link area.
  • Dunnies, smokewater, salt and other science
    Choosing the right site for an environmentally friendly dunny might seem straightforward, as might the revegetation of an old quarry site. Yet seemingly simple decisions can often be quite complex.
  • Gondwana Link
    We're now a major stakeholder in this visionary project initiated in WA by the Fitzgerald Biosphere Group, Friends of the Fitzgerald, Greening Australia (WA), The Malleefowl Preservation Group Inc. and The Wilderness Society (WA).
  • From the CEO
    Recent national reports, including the State of the Environment Report 2001, have highlighted the global value of Australia’s biodiversity.
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