Autumn 2003

Published 20 Mar 2003 
Autumn 2003 newsletter
Autumn 2003
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  • Your success in Western Australia
    Phil Cullen, Landscape Ecologist and Stuart Cowell, Conservation Programs Manager were in Western Australia to take ownership of White Wells Station.
  • Setting priorities for land purchase
    We're now acutely aware of the degree of environmental damage our country has suffered, and the urgent need for an effort to slow, and then reverse, this damage.
  • Revegetation at Chereninup
    We've struck the first blows for revegetating the cleared land on Chereninup to form a habitat corridor between the Reserve’s native bushland and the adjacent Peniup Nature Reserve.
  • Photo: Wayne Lawler/Ecopix
    Wayne has been a loyal supporter of Bush Heritage for many years and played a vital role in helping us to get our message out through his beautiful images of our reserves.
  • From the CEO
    I’m delighted to announce the successful purchase of the outstanding property, White Wells Station, in the wheatbelt of Western Australia. It's now known as the Charles Darwin Reserve.
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