From the CEO – White Wells Station

Published 20 Mar 2003 

I’m delighted to announce the successful purchase of the outstanding property, White Wells, in the wheatbelt of Western Australia. It's now known as the Charles Darwin Reserve.

This purchase wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of Chris and Jacqui Darwin, the Commonwealth Government through the National Reserve System Program, and you – many loyal and new supporters.

Bush Heritage still urgently needs your help to protect this magnificent land and meet the costs of staffing, equipment and the preparation of the fire, and five-year, management plans. We'll also put aside long-term ethical investments to fund the Reserve’s future management.

We're grateful to over 1,100 of you who are now providing vital regular support as Friends of the Bush. You help us move ahead each month. Gifts from over 8,600 Australians have made Bush Heritage Australia’s most widely supported organisation working for private land conservation.

What a lot has been achieved by these people.

There are a number of ways you can help to build on these achievements. Any donation or pledge by a business of $500 or more before April will be matched by a ‘challenge grant’ from the Council for Encouragement of Philanthropy in Australia.

Perhaps you can become one of the small number of Patrons of the Charles Darwin Reserve, and develop a special association with a part of the Reserve by making a very substantial donation.

Can you arrange for us to place an article about Bush Heritage in the newsletter of a community organisation or specialist journal? Please contact me if you can help.

We continue advocating taxation reforms to encourage more Australians to give for conservation. The report, Building a Stronger Social Coalition, was launched by the Federal Environment Minister, Dr David Kemp, in February. We also applaud recent announcements on tax reforms made by the Prime Minister.

After months of tragic bushfires throughout Australia, I’m relieved that only Carnarvon Station Reserve had an unplanned fire. The fire began with a lightning strike and luckily covered an area proposed for fuel reduction and was ‘patchy’ in its coverage.

Subsequent rain means the area is regrowing well. Neither Carnarvon nor our neighbours, suffered any harm to people or infrastructure.

Your help continues to bring great results for conservation. Thank you.


Doug Humann, CEO

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