Photo: Wayne Lawler/Ecopix

Published 20 Mar 2003 

Photo:Wayne Lawler/Ecopix. This frequent photo credit will be well known to the readers of Bush Heritage News.

Wayne has been a loyal supporter of Bush Heritage for many years and has played a vital role in helping us to get our message out through his beautiful images of Bush Heritage reserves and Australia's environment and wildlife.

Wayne spent eight weeks as the Caretaker on Carnarvon Station Reserve in 2002.

As a qualified wildlife ecologist and resource manager, an experienced ecotour guide, and a graphic arts-trained photographer, Wayne was the ideal person to have at Carnarvon.

While doing the hard work (his crowning achievement was building the campground toilet) he was also armed with his camera.

Over that time he has captured the many moods and moments of this outstanding reserve.

We want to share some of his wonderful images with you.

Wayne is currently on a trek through our eastern reserves documenting them on film. We'll bring you some images of each one as the odyssey unfolds.

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