Revegetation at Chereninup

Published 20 Mar 2003 

Phil Cullen and Stuart Cowell have been organising the revegetation work at Chereninup Creek Reserve.

Following the property settlement of Charles Darwin Reserve, Stuart and I headed south to the Chereninup Creek Reserve. Here we struck the first blows for revegetating the cleared land on Chereninup to form a habitat corridor between the Reserve’s native bushland and the adja-cent Peniup Nature Reserve.

The area to be rehabilitated is about 80 ha of cropping land, with scattered clumps of remnant vegetation.

With Greening Australia revegetation expert, Jack Mercer and Gondwana Link Coordinator, Keith Bradby, we identified a suite of plant species suitable for the revegetation work.

Volunteers and Gondwana Link supporters are now collecting seed from these species, which will be grown by the Bandicoot Nursery at nearby Mt Barker. Our sincere thanks for this valuable support.

In addition to these seedlings, seeds from a range of about 100 other species will be planted.

After extensive site preparation, including weed and rabbit control, planting will be done using a direct-seeding machine which trails the seeds while placing the seedlings mechanically into the prepared ground. Up to seven hectares can be planted in one day.

The main planting work at Chereninup will start with the winter rains in 2003.

A sign will be placed at the site to acknowledge major contributors to project - the Bush Heritage Friends of the Bush, through their regular donations, Greening Australia Bushcare Support and the Commonwealth’s Natural Heritage Trust Envirofund which has funded the major works.

Along with the purchase of the Chereninup Creek Reserve by Bush Heritage, creating this habitat corridor will be a first major on-ground step for the Gondwana Link project.

The project aims to secure remnant vegetation and establish plantings to reconstruct a habitat corridor between the tall forests of southwestern Western Australia and the woodlands east of the rabbit proof fence in the Norseman region.

It's a program in which Australian Bush Heritage Fund is in partnership with the Fitzgerald Biosphere Group, Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park, Greening Australia, The Malleefowl Preservation Group Inc. and The Wilderness Society.

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