From the CEO – continued support

Published 20 Mar 2005 

The one thing that we continue to strive for at Bush Heritage is to protect and properly manage Australia's diminishing high conservation areas. You, the supporters of Bush Heritage, through your loyalty and generosity, enable us to do this. Thank you.

Vibrant pink of Verticordia sp. at the prospective Bush Heritage reserve in south-west WA. Photo Margaret Quicke.

Vibrant pink of Verticordia sp. at the prospective Bush Heritage reserve in south-west WA. Photo Margaret Quicke.

Many of you donate regularly. Some people give their time. You've helped us to establish an enviable group of reserves in diverse landscapes and climates around Australia. You also support our expert conservation managers who are, in turn, exchanging skills and expertise with a growing number of volunteers and partners to ensure that we  manage our reserves well.

The work of reserve managers and volunteers is very diverse, ranging from mustering feral goats (at Charles Darwin Reserve, WA) and rescuing heat-affected motorists stranded in the Simpson Desert (at Ethabuka, Qld) to injecting herbicide into invading wheel cactus with specially made syringes. Stabbing cactus is apparently a great way to release the tensions of the week, a satisfying job for volunteers with whom I spoke recently at the new Judith Eardley Reserve in Victoria.

You can visit the reserves and see the management work under way by joining one of our field trips.

We have begun 2005 with the confidence to expand our conservation work. We're currently considering for acquisition six properties in four states. It will be a thrill to announce these new properties over the course of the year and I encourage you to give your support to our three newest additions announced in this newsletter, as well as to the  continuing management of our 18 existing reserves.

I would particularly like to acknowledge a very significant gift from the estate of Gay Bell, who had an enduring interest in the work of Bush Heritage. Her gift will help us to buy and manage one of our new reserves this year.

In seeking your continued support, I reflect on the overwhelming response of the Australian community to the disaster wrought by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. I share the sadness that I'm sure all our readers feel about the impacts of this and other human tragedies. I extend sympathy on behalf of Bush Heritage to those affected by these events.

It has been tremendous to see Australians give so generously. This disaster and other events have focused attention on sound financial management by charities. You can see our full financial details in the Annual Report oline or in printed form, a copy of which can be mailed to you on request. Please contact me if you require further information.

Finally, Kalina Koloff has greatly assisted our supporter programs and hosted many of our reserve field days with enthusiasm and warmth. We thank her and wish her
well as she moves to new employment.


Doug Humann, CEO

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