From the CEO – blessed rains

Published 21 Sep 2005 

Many parts of Australia have been blessed by good rain in recent months and Bush Heritage properties in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia are no exception.

We anticipate a splendid wildflower season on all the West Australian reserves. This may be the time to visit, as limited camping will be available at both Eurardy and Charles Darwin reserves (see opportunities to visit our reserves for booking details.)

Photo stop on the way from Ethabuka. Photo Julian Fennessy.Photo stop on the way from Ethabuka. Photo Julian Fennessy.

We can only imagine what Ethabuka Reserve in the Simpson Desert will be like in a few months’ time after five inches of rain in June. The rain coincided with our first field weekend and our supporters got rather more than they bargained for. I thank them for their patience and for their invaluable support. Our guests turned their hands to a range of volunteer tasks over the days (several weeks, for some) that they were held captive as vast bodies of water rose and fell.

The rain will rejuvenate the property, which has suffered below-average rainfall over recent years. The once-dry lakebeds are now full and the vegetation, and all the wildlife that it supports, will flourish.

Many of our reserves have experienced flood, fire or tempest in the past 12 months and our emergency planning has been well tested. Fires, both planned and wild, at Carnarvon Station Reserve (Qld) have stimulated some excellent regeneration of the vegetation. A fire over summer in the more closely settled region of Tarcutta Hills Reserve (NSW) was rapidly brought under control as our fire plan swung into action.

Meanwhile, storms caused damage to buildings and power at Charles Darwin Reserve (WA) and started a fire at Goonderoo Reserve (Qld).

Your support, whether through financial help or your work as a volunteer, enables us to prepare for and respond to these events. Such emergencies test our planning and give us the opportunity to refine and improve our procedures.

It's one thing to acquire our marvellous reserves and another to ensure that they'll be properly protected and maintained. As you know, we need and value your support for this long-term objective.

Thank you for your help.

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Doug Humann, CEO

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