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Published 20 Mar 2006 

For many years I've been involved in the Australian environmental movement, in policy making, advocacy, promoting corporate responsibility and, through Bush Heritage, private land conservation. I'm confident that the biggest contribution that we can make as individuals is to help protect the land – for the wildlife and plants, and for the critical ecological services that healthy, intact bush provides.

Field of foxtails Ptilotis sp. at Cravens Peak Reserve, Qld. Photo Wayne Lawler / EcoPix.Field of foxtails Ptilotis sp. at Cravens Peak Reserve, Qld. Photo Wayne Lawler / EcoPix.

In this way we'll be guarding our biodiversity as well as our clean air, pure water and stable soils, and giving our precious natural heritage the best chance to adapt to climate change.

The Board members of Bush Heritage and I share with you a commitment to solving one of Australia’s most pressing issues: that of environmental degradation and loss of species. We've decided to set an  ambitious goal to make faster progress in solving this. Bush Heritage has developed a simple, practical and powerful approach to protecting and caring for the bush.

What we need to do now is to protect a lot more land and in key areas. We also need to help other land managers who want conservation to be a priority on their properties.

We now launch our Anchors in the Landscape campaign to raise $20 million as the first step to achieving a huge goal: that of protecting 1% of Australia by 2025. I urge you to take a moment from the rush of daily life to consider what you might be able to commit to help us to achieve this.

Your pledged support over the next few years, whether through a monthly gift or perhaps a larger annual contribution, will make this possible.

Together we can protect land and water that is vital for conservation before they're destroyed, and manage them for the long term so they stay safe, healthy and resilient. Through Bush Heritage we can leave a proud legacy to those who follow us. Like me, I'm sure you'll feel great satisfaction in doing something permanent to pass on to future Australians a country that still offers the beauty, hope and promise that we've enjoyed.

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Phillip Toyne, President

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