The evolution of Bush Heritage

Published 20 Mar 2007 

Bush Heritage President Phillip Toyne explains a new development for the organisation.

Welcome to the new face of Bush Heritage. It represents a fresh and dynamic start to a new stage in our endeavours to protect 1% of Australia by 2025.

Last year the Board agreed that it was the right time to revitalise our name and logo, to represent visually the changes through which the organisation has passed in the last 16 years and to set our sights on our 20-year vision.

Our new logo

Our new logo.

Over the years, your loyal support has enabled us to transform Bush Heritage from a small organisation with a few reserves into the dynamic organisation that we are today. We hope that this new expression of our commitment and enthusiasm is one that feels right to you also.

In modifying the name of the organisation we decided to remove the word ‘Fund’. It was a source of confusion to many and the name was long and cumbersome. We chose the name ‘Bush Heritage Australia’.

Most people already know us as ‘Bush Heritage’ and we wanted to be instantly recognisable as a national organisation.

The new logo represents a more dramatic change. Instead of the three tall eucalypts, our logo consists of three brushstrokes in brown, ochre and blue, three colours that symbolise a classic Australian landscape – the rich, warm colours of the earth, and the blue of the water and our vast Outback skies.

It more appropriately represents our new way of thinking about conservation; we are no longer working just to protect single properties but to conserve whole landscapes of land and water.

In deciding on a logo we looked for a striking symbol that stood out from those of other organisations working for the environment. We wanted people to recognise the logo easily and come to associate it with the vital conservation work we do. It needed to be contemporary and dynamic and to reflect the diversity and creativity within the organisation.

We hope that you share our enthusiasm for this next stage of our work. We move forward with a broad vision, a new look and a deep commitment to protecting our unique landscapes and our wildlife. It will be an exciting journey.

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