From the CEO – a year of achievement

Published 21 Dec 2007 

Thanks to you, our generous supporters, 2006-07 was a year of significant growth, innovation and achievement for Bush Heritage. The advances occurred both on our reserves and also on land owned by our partners where we're assisting them with conservation work.

Nearly $11 million was raised in donations and bequests, an increase of 27.2% on the previous year. A further $1.21 million was contributed in grants from government and philanthropic trusts.

Our total revenue for the financial year closed at over $13.14 million, and 76 cents of every dollar spent was used to buy and protect land and its wildlife.

After setting aside endowment funds for the long-term management of our reserves, we finished the year with a healthy ‘cash’ operating surplus of $1.7 million.

Bush Heritage carries no debt, has the resources to undertake the necessary management work on all reserves and is ready to buy more land and build more partnerships to achieve our conservation goals.

It was heart-warming to welcome many new supporters to Bush Heritage. Over 17 600 people have now supported our work. Many of you have also included Bush Heritage as a beneficiary in your wills this year, with the number of confirmed bequests up 29% on that from last year. Our sincere thanks to you for your foresight.

Our volunteers have again contributed an astonishing amount, not only on the reserves but also at our Conservation Support Centre in Melbourne. You have contributed support in kind to a value greater than $684 000. Your hard work has not only produced impressive results on the ground but has also provided a direct cost-saving to Bush Heritage.

And you've helped us to add five new properties to our portfolio in the past 12 months, bringing our total land-holdings at the end of June to 676 000 hectares. The recent purchase of Yourka Station has subsequently added another 43 500 hectares. Thank you again.

Two of these new reserves (Scottsdale Reserve, NSW, and the third Nardoo Hills reserve, Vic) are located in our South-East Grassy Box Woodland anchor region and two more (Monjebup and Peniup Creek reserves, WA) are in the South-West Botanical Province anchor region. The two West Australian properties contribute significantly to the Gondwana Link program.

‘Nameless’ Sylvan Reserve in New South Wales was gifted to Bush Heritage. Management work is already under way on these reserves.

Over the past 12 months we've also received special grants to develop a system that will help to identify the key areas of land in our anchor regions that are a priority to protect, and to enable us to implement our monitoring program across the reserves. This monitoring program will allow us to assess the ecological results of our land management activities.

We look forward to working with you throughout another exciting year so there will be more good news for the environment.

From all of us at Bush Heritage, thank you for your wonderful contribution and let’s keep the momentum going.

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Doug Humann, CEO 

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