Yourka station protected

Published 21 Dec 2007 
Cameron Creek flows through Yourka Reserve. Photo: Wayne Lawler/EcoPixPhoto by Jessica Wyld.

You have done it again!

A heartfelt thanks to all our supporters from Bush Heritage CEO Doug Humann.

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters who gave so generously to help buy and protect Yourka Station in far-north Queensland. Your contributions have made an enormous difference, raising over $374 000, and your gifts continue to come in. I am delighted to tell you that Yourka is now protected. Every one of your donations helped.

I particularly want to thank long-term supporters Ian and Nan Landon-Smith whose very significant contribution early in our Yourka campaign was an extraordinary act of trust and generosity. The commitment of our Bush Heritage supporters in wanting to do all they can to protect our astounding country never ceases to humble me.

Cameron Creek flows through Yourka Reserve. Photo: Wayne Lawler/EcoPixPhoto by Jessica Wyld.

Yourka is a gem and the diversity of its wildlife is astonishing. Its 43 500 hectares of grassy woodlands, rocky escarpments and waterways will now be a secure home to these species, which may include up to 23 that are listed as threatened.

And this property has values greater than just its threatened ecosystems and species. Its importance as a refuge for those animals and plants affected by climate change will be borne out in the years to come.

Planning for the property’s future management needs is already under way and the monitoring points are going in. Volunteer programs and field trips will begin in 2009, so watch for information in Bush Heritage News. Thank you again for protecting yet another stunning piece of our special country.

The next step

As one campaign ends in success, so it leads to another. In the past 12 months you've helped us acquire five new properties, both large and small. Now we must care for them and the rare and threatened birds, mammals, reptiles and myriad other animals and plants that live within their boundaries. Restoring the health of the soils, waterways and vegetation communities is the key. Your gift to the bush this Christmas will help to give all the creatures a safe home.

And your gift can be a present for a friend. This festive season, you can donate to Bush Heritage as a gift for a friend. We'll send you a special card to pass on to your friend that acknowledges your gift to them. Just call us on 1300 628 873 or visit our WILDgifts site.

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