From the CEO – Two reserves launch

Published 20 Jun 2007 

It's been a thrill for me to participate in the launches of two new Bush Heritage properties in recent weeks, one in the South-West and one in eastern Australia.

You've helped us buy both these properties, and also to provide for their long-term management. Thank you.

We're focusing our efforts in five key anchor regions around Australia and building enduring relationships with people living in those landscapes. Up until now, acquiring land of high conservation value has been the main platform of our success.

Noongar people at the Gondwana Link launch casting native seed to aid the revegetation. Photo Deborah Badger.Noongar people at the Gondwana Link launch casting native seed to aid the revegetation. Photo Deborah Badger.

In the Gondwana Link project in the South-West and Kosciuszko to Coast project near Canberra, where the two recent land acquisitions are located, we're now using a new tool in our work to protect ecosystems and species at the landscape scale.

We're involved in active broad-scale landscape restoration. I've been greatly encouraged by the success and growing momentum of these regional projects. They demonstrate just what is possible through collaboration and commitment.

On the smaller scale we continue to have great success in restoring ecosystems on individual reserves. The grassland restoration project at Carnarvon Station Reserve in central Queensland is a great example. New projects are developing across Australia, particularly with Indigenous Australians, and wonderful progress is being made to conserve and protect landscapes and the species that reside in them.

These are indeed exciting times for Bush Heritage. The commitment and loyalty of our Bush Heritage supporters show that they understand the importance, not just of buying land, but also of managing and restoring the land over the long term. They are also supporting us to build enduring partnerships with the community.

We have much to achieve and the runs on the board to prove it is possible.

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Doug Humann, CEO

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