From the CEO – on track with Bon Bon

Published 20 Mar 2008 

It's because of you, our supporters and partners, that we're well on track to reaching our target of owning, and/or helping to conserve, 1% of Australia by 2025. We have a big job ahead of us. But with your help we're making rapid progress.

Wiry honeymyrtle Melaleuca nematophylla at Eurardy Reserve, WA. Photo Julian Fennessey.

Wiry honeymyrtle Melaleuca nematophylla at Eurardy Reserve, WA. Photo Julian Fennessey.

Our most recent acquisition of Bon Bon Station contributes significantly to meeting this target. It also demonstrates that, with your support, we have the capacity to continue to secure outstanding areas of land and water in strategic locations around Australia.

The Australian Government’s National Reserve System Program and the South Australian Government have provided tremendous support for Bon Bon, jointly contributing $3.194 million towards our $4.6 million target. We welcome these partnerships and hope to build on them further, but your support remains critical.

Please continue your financial contributions, as you are the collective powerhouse of this organisation and enable us not only to buy more land for conservation, but also to care for that land for the long term.

Setting up and establishing a new reserve like Bon Bon requires substantial funds. We have a responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our staff, volunteers and visitors. There are capital costs for infrastructure and equipment, operating costs, which are particularly high in the early years as we tackle the major management issues of pest species and fire, and endowment costs as we set aside funds to underpin the long-term management of each new property.

In addition, as we move to running our business more sustainably, there are other costs. For example, replacing a diesel generator with a new solar power system costs thousands but will save us money over time and reduce our carbon footprint. We could not do this without your help.

You'll be encouraged to know that our partnership program is gathering momentum, particularly when it comes to working with Indigenous Australians. Throughout Australia we're now working with many different Aboriginal groups and supporting their efforts to look after their land. We’ll provide you with further reports on these developments during the year.

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Doug Humann, CEO

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