Winter 2010

Published 20 Jun 2010 


  • A trailblazing, treehopping marsupial?
    How the tiny red-tailed phascogale has become a trailblazer in our history.
  • Two men and a boat
    Max Tischler and Adam Kerezsy took a boat on their recent trip to the Simpson Desert.
  • Trees worth their weight in carbon
    At Chereninup Creek a forest of young trees has taken its place in the conversation about carbon.
  • Life on the edge
    How do southern hairy-nosed wombats cope with the heat? They're big-bodied and don't like company, but crowd in with their mates on one of the hottest and driest places on earth.
  • Life on Goonderoo
    Who needs TV when you’ve got a backyard like Goonderoo Reserve?
  • From the CEO
    An experience on two reserves in the rangelands of South Australia highlighted the critical nature of partnerships in achieving our conservation work.
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