Desert Fishing Lessons

Published 21 Dec 2011 

Adventures in Australia's rivers

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In his recently published book Desert Fishing Lessons, Bush Heritage Ecologist Adam Kerezsy takes readers along for an often humorous ride to places like Bush Heritage's Ethabuka and Cravens Peak reserves in his quest to understand our humble and very hardy freshwater fish.

Adam Kerezy and Mick set nets in a Simpson Desert waterholeAdam Kerezsy and Mick Brigden set nets in a waterhole in the Simpson Desert. Photo: Angus Emmott

Adam is a freshwater fish scientist who works at Bush Heritage's Edgbaston Reserve, looking after endangered fish that live there in artesian springs, such as the Red-fin Blue-eye and Edgbaston Goby. He was recently awarded a PhD on fish ecology in outback Queensland.

‘I'm a water person, a river person, a fish person. I spend an inordinate amount of time grubbing around muddy waterholes and rivers, thinking about the why and how of fish that live in specific areas... Fish and deserts are unusual bedfellows, but that's the way it is.'

In Desert Fishing Lessons, Kerezsy takes us on a rollicking journey through our arid-zone waterways and we discover that we have much to learn from our healthy desert rivers and the ‘tough-as-nails critters' that live in them.

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