Autumn 2013

Published 20 Mar 2013 


  • Making it count at Naree
    It takes a whole lot of planning, preparation and people-power to uncover the true potential of any place, as the upcoming ‘bio-blitz' at Naree Station - our newest property, thanks to our supporters - proves.
  • A place to breathe  
    As a Dutch-born immigrant, Grietje Croll first saw the Australian bush with fresh eyes - from the comfort of her new husband's tent. This was the start of a lifelong love affair, and a shared commitment to help protect the Australian bush.
  • Fighting feral cats at Charles Darwin  
    It's not just supporters like you who are helping scientists to protect native Australian animals on Bush Heritage reserves - school teachers are on board too.
  • From the CEO 
    Gerard O'Neill reports on his visit to Tarcutta Hills reserve and introduces the new reserve managers at Naree Station.
  • Tag-along to Ethabuka Reserve 
    Point the wheels of your 4WD towards the Simpson Desert and join Bush Heritage Reserve Manager Peter Welldon for a five-day tag-along camping trip on the magnificent desert reserves of Cravens Peak and Ethabuka. 
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