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Winter 2013

Published 20 Jun 2013 


  • Hideaway home
    The tiny tammar wallaby has a secret that Bush Heritage ecologists would just love to know.
  • Country that gets under your skin
    A connection with the land is a legacy that Tasmanian Midlands farmer Julian von Bibra inherited from generations of his family.
  • Around your reserves in 90 days  
    We take a look at what's been happening at our reserves around Australia - all made possible thanks to our supporters.
  • Science and art: a restoration 
    Ecologist Justin Jonson has spent the last two years piecing back together a living mosaic of plants, animals and landscape at Monjebup North Reserve.
  • From the CEO
    Gerard O'Neill talks about our purchase of Naree Station and the significance of our findings at the recent Naree Bio-blitz.
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