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Bushtracks Summer 2014-15

Published 20 Dec 2014 


  • Protecting vulnerable natives from ferals
    Across Australia we employ various methods to control ferals.
  • The Umpila Rocky Lake survey
    A team of Umpila rangers, ecologists and our staff recently spent 4 weeks surveying on Umpila traditional lands on Cape York.
  • Bush Blitz unearths new discoveries
    The national Bush Blitz program recently visited Carnarvon Reserve.
  • The scent of a quoll
    Some border collies have been helping us sniff out quolls!
  • Snapshots to savour
    Photographer Boris Hlavica is running a workshop on Boolcoomatta. Here he shares some tips.
  • Caretakers of the desert
    Recent retirees Mick and Kerry Moylan spent a month at Ethabuka.
  • From the CEO 
    Gerard O'Neill on highlights from the World Parks Congress.
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