Snapshots to savour

Published 21 Dec 2014 

For professional photographer Boris Hlavica, outback Australia is a study in colours, forms, textures and light.

“My work is about conveying the emotional impact landscapes have on me. It's about the effects of beauty, space, time and history,” said Boris. “The only other place you get the vastness and subtle patterns is the open ocean, though the colours of Australian deserts and arid regions are something else.”

Boolcoomatta woolshedWoolshed at Boolcoomatta Station Reserve. Photo by Boris Hlavica

Boris will run a nature photography workshop on our Boolcoomatta Reserve in South Australia’s arid rangelands from 27 to 30 March 2015, providing a unique visitation experience. Costs will be $500 per person and bookings are essential.

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My work is about conveying the emotional impact landscapes have on me. It is about the effects of beauty, space, time and history.

Photo tips

Below Boris shares some simple tips that can help transform your nature photography:

  1. Look for interesting light conditions first and then for a subject within them.
  2. Too much contrast (the difference between the brightest and darkest points) will ruin the photo.
  3. If shooting subjects in low light, look for the moment they look into the light and their faces are lit up.
  4. Wait for motionless moments when subjects stop moving.
  5. If movement is an issue, use the ‘burst’ feature to take a rapid-fire series. At least one will be much clearer than others.
  6. Change point of view. Climb up on something or get down low for a unique angle on your subject.
  7. Look for a puddle of water, get down close to it and you’ll have fantastic reflections.

Other access opportunities

You can visit some more of our reserves on self‑guided day trips:

Several of our reserves are open for camping between April and October each year. We also run a number of guided tours in the cooler months. See visiting our reserves for more details.