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BushTracks Winter 2014

Published 20 Jun 2014
  • Helping protect remnant habitats
    If our campaign to protect Monjebup Creek in the Fitz‑Stirling region of south‑west Western Australia is successful, another piece of the Gondwana Link puzzle will fall into place.
  • Our valuable volunteers
    Volunteers help us stretch our resources to achieve more of our conservation priorities.
  • Controlling carp on the 'Bidgee
    An exciting new research project is fusing science with community engagement to track carp movements and trial control methods on the Murumbidgee at Scotsdale Reserve.
  • Transforming rains
    After one of the driest years on record for many of our rangeland reserves, some were fortunate to get late summer rain.
  • Blues for the Bush & Open Day 2014
    Following the success of last year's inaugural Blues for the Bush event, it will be welcomed back on October 4.
  • Visiting the Liffey Valley
    Liffey River Reserve in Tasmania provides a chance to explore ancient World Heritage listed forests and connect with a landscape that inspired pivotal campaigns for the environmental movement in Australia.
  • From the CEO 
    Gerard O'Neill discusses our acquisition of Monjebup Creek, and announces a new strategy and vision.
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