Blues for the Bush & Open Day 2014

Published 21 Jun 2014 

Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, the Shire of Perenjori in mid‑west Western Australia will come together again at our Charles Darwin Reserve on October 4, for the Blues for the Bush, and Charles Darwin Reserve Open Day.

Hatz Fitz will be appearing again at this year's festival. Photo by Cineport MediaHatz Fitz will be appearing again at this year's festival. Photo by Cineport Media.

If you are in, or will be travelling to, WA in the spring, the event is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an outback community event. You'll also learn about the role of our conservation work and how it fits with the broader land use of the area. Allow some extra time to take in the wildflowers that transform the landscape into a sea of vibrant colours for several months at this time of year.

Our Regional Reserves Manager for the WA Rangelands, Luke Bayley, was integral to  the development of the Open Day. It was conceived last year to celebrate the 10‑year anniversary of Bush Heritage purchasing the 68,000 hectare Charles Darwin Reserve.

"We thought it was fitting to bring some of the local community together," said Luke.

It started off small and we were just thinking of ideas, but Perenjori Shire was keen to do something so we just sat down together and worked out the concept of Blues for the Bush.
Ecologist Matt Appleby. Photo by Cineport MediaEcologist Matt Appleby took visitors on a nature and conservation tour through the reserve. Photo by Luke Bayley

With a population of 900 spread across some 8,611 square kilometres, the Shire of Perenjori is a land of wide open spaces and far‑reaching horizons. It's also renowned for its annual wildflower displays, and after some great autumn rains, this spring should be exceptional.

Charles Darwin Reserve itself is located at the junction of major landforms, ecosystems and climates known as the Mulga‑Eucalypt line, where the desert meets the south‑west. As a result it's a ‘melting pot' of plant species with eucalypts and mulga scrub intermixed.

As many patrons found last year, there will be something for everyone to enjoy from 10am to midnight.

There will be children's entertainment with painting, art and stories being told. Guided ecology tours of the property will run throughout the day. Adults will be engaged in bush poetry sessions, with some great raconteurs adding flavour to the day's discussions.

This year's musical line‑up includes Chris Russel's Chicken Walk, Hatz Fitz and Cara, with more to be announced in the coming months.

"We'll have the stars on the stage, stars  up above and a lot of people relaxed and just enjoying being out in this fabulous environment," said Gerard.

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