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Published 05 Jan 2015 
Spring 2015 newsletter

Summer 2015 (PDF 3.3mb)

Summer 2015

  • Line of fire
    Reserve managers Mike Chuck and Julia Harris and a team of volunteers are continuing the fight to protect Bon Bon from Buffel Grass.
  • From the CEO
    In our 25-year history we've achieved a great number of things … We look forward to your support again next year, as we build participation in conservation.
  • Survey success in Baby Dreaming Country 
    In Western Arnhem Land our ecologist Allana Brown is working with the Warddeken Traditional Owners to record the plants and animals.
  • Second chance for striped legless lizard
    At a horse paddock in Canberra, flanked by a roaring highway and a cluster of new housing developments, a team of biologists is rescuing endangered legless lizards.
  • Tasmanian Midlands project looks to continue growth
    The critically endangered lowland temperate grasslands is a biodiversity hotspot, a refuge for dozens of nationally threatened species and nearly 200 plants and animals threatened in Tasmania. 
  • Unearthing our volunteer gems
    There’s no doubt our volunteers are some of the best in the business.
  • Research may reveal tree roo
    The dense rainforest region of the Daintree may be concealing a population of the elusive Bennett’s tree kangaroo. One was recently spotted in the area.
  • Refuge in the rainforest
    In a remote rainforest on the Bougainville Peninsula in WA, the Northern Quoll has been recorded for the first time.
  • Reconnecting through the decades
    Between the Stirling Range and Fitzgerald River National Park, researchers and scientists, nature enthusiasts and students are working out how best to restore a landscape.
Spring 2015 newsletter

Spring 2015 (PDF 2.6mb)

Spring 2015

Winter 2015 newsletter

Winter 2015 (PDF 2.8mb)

Winter 2015

Autumn 2015 newsletter

Autumn 2015(PDF 1.6mb)

Autumn 2015

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