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Bob Brown’s photographic tour

Published 11 Apr 2016 

Bob Brown at Oura Oura
When I helped set up Bush Heritage in Tasmania in 1990, the prospect of such extensive and magnificent lands as Boolcoomatta Reserve [in SA] after more than a century of intense sheep grazing, was only a dream.

– Bob Brown, Green Nomads

After leaving Parliament in 2012, Bush Heritage Australia founder Bob Brown and his partner Paul Thomas drove 19,000kms around Australia, visiting more than 1 million hectares of Bush Heritage Australia managed properties.

The journey was meticulously documented, and the photos and stories Brown and Thomas amassed along the way have been turned into a beautiful new book, Green Nomads.

Bob Brown's 'Green Nomads' book cover

For Bush Heritage supporters, the book is, in part, an inspiring reminder of what their support has helped to achieve since our founding in 1990. It follows Bob and Paul’s interactions with the hardy Bush Heritage staff that work in these incredible places. And its photos showcase many of our reserves, including Boolcoomatta, Carnarvon, Yourka, Cravens Peak, Ethabuka and Reedy Creek, as well as other spectacular parts of Australia and its wild heritage.

Published by Hardie Grant and available at book stores near you.

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