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Thank you

Published 06 Dec 2016 

Thanks to the many supporters who have generously donated to our work.

Beringa Sun Orchid
Beringa Sun Orchid
Photo: Photo by Keith Smith
In Celebration

Lesley Mcdonald, and Rosemary and Rhyl Hurley donated in celebration of Elisabeth Drake’s 70th birthday. Jill Borrett donated to celebrate Helen Sparrow’s birthday.

In Memoriam

The following donations were made in memory of loved ones. John and Jo Hall donated in memory of Max Possingham. Pam Ray donated in memory of her husband Alan L Ray.

Cus Cus
Cus Cus
Photo: Photo by Chans and Judy Best

We gratefully acknowledge receiving gifts in Wills from the following estates: Geraldine Nicoll, Donald Stewart Houghton, Jean Hopely, Barbara Joan Beeson, Winifred Hazel Abernethy, Marjorie Jean Lambert, Charles Henri Roussac, Maisie Alice Crowden, Nancy Kingsland, Richard Oertel, Anne Elizabeth Raymond, Gwendoline Clarke-Seiler, Alison Wynne Hearn, Brian John Donohoe, Judith Deuchar Bartram, Cecily Ann Dignan, Margaret Jill, Barry Kirtley, Michael Munro Salter, Isabelle Joan Burton, Margaret Tedder, John Nicholas Hutchinson, Joan Forest Eltham, Penelope Susan Taylor.

Your power to protect

A gift in your Will, no matter the amount, can make a real difference to the Australian bush and its precious species.

Call 1300 628 873 or visit our bequests page for more information.