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People that live & breathe Hamelin

Published 16 Jun 2016

Bush Heritage’s team at Hamelin Station Reserve share their thoughts about the property and the role they’ll play in protecting it.

Dr Vanessa Westcott - EcologistDr Vanessa Westcott

Vanessa Westcott

Regional Ecologist

You feel the opportunity to make a difference when you drive through this country. It’s very beautiful to see the dramatic changes in the vegetation and the landscape as you drive around.
Tony Loetche – field officerTony Loetche

Tony Loetche

Field Officer

From the cliff tops at Hamelin you can see for kilometres – the stromatolites, the beach and the coastal dunes. The trees there are spectacularly snarled and weather-beaten but they dig their roots in and just keep growing. You can’t help but be inspired by the place.
Greg SuosaariGreg Suosaari

Greg Suosaari

Healthy Landscape Manager

There is always something, no matter where you are, even walking around the homestead here, there’s always an incredible bug or lizard crawling around, that you haven’t seen before.
Dr Erica SuosaariDr Erica Suosaari

Dr Erica Suosaari

Science Fellow

There are only two places in the world where modern stromatolites are currently accreting, in the marine realm. One is in the Bahamas and the second is here. The amount of stromatolites in the Bahamas would fit into just one of the bays at Hamelin.

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