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How inspiration became a legacy

Published 23 Mar 2017 

A childhood spent in the bush and an admiration for Bob Brown combined to inspire Bush Heritage donor and bequest supporter Davydd Shaw.

Photo courtesy of Davydd Shaw.
Photo courtesy of Davydd Shaw.
Growing up in Kyabram in north-east Victoria , Davydd Shaw recalls family trips to ironbark forests and the river country to the north.

It was these early encounters with the Australian bush that fostered Davydd’s lifelong love for our native plants and animals, but it wasn’t until 2005, after hearing Bob Brown talk about the founding of Bush Heritage Australia, that Davydd was inspired to become a Bush Heritage supporter.

“I find Bob Brown a truly inspiring person,” Davydd says. “His work on the Franklin River Campaign, his involvement with many environmental protection programs, and with the establishment of Bush Heritage Australia — he’s a remarkable man and I wanted to support his cause.”

In the years since, his funds have been used to support the purchase and restoration of properties around Australia, protecting the landscapes he loves.

Davydd has seen the conservation work at our Nardoo Hills Reserves in Victoria for himself. Photo James Cowie.
Davydd has seen the conservation work at our Nardoo Hills Reserves in Victoria for himself. Photo James Cowie.
“I don't have the funds to support many organisations, but have chosen Bush Heritage because of its special work on the ground and the difference it’s making.”

“I’m very aware of the damage humanity has caused and I feel it's good to have people batting for the animals and plants that can't bat for themselves.”

While his main motivation has been to protect the bush, Davydd has also been impressed by Bush Heritage’s partnership programs and its
science-driven approach.

Oura Oura Reserve was a home to our founder, Bob Brown. Photo Peter Morris.
Oura Oura Reserve was a home to our founder, Bob Brown. Photo Peter Morris.
“I particularly support the multi-faceted approach to landscape restoration and management, from providing educational opportunities to university students and other land owners, to partnering with traditional owners, and connecting with neighbouring communities,” he says.

Davydd has seen Bush Heritage’s programs first-hand, having visited Scottsdale, Nardoo Hills, Charles Darwin, Boolcoomatta and Oura Oura reserves. After such awe-inspiring visits, it was only a matter of time before he decided to leave a bequest to Bush Heritage in his Will.

“I think when one's life is ending it's really comforting and encouraging to know that anything you've got left you can contribute to a cause that’s going
to benefit the planet.”

Thank you

Thanks to the many supporters who have generously donated to our work.

In Memoriam

The following donations were made in memory of loved ones.

Many friends have donated in memory of Jacquie Pryor, who had a deep and abiding interest in conservation and was an original patron of Charles Darwin Reserve. Her husband Paul continues to support Charles Darwin Reserve in her honour. Dr Fran Baum and Paul Laris gave in memory of their friend Christine Caleidin. Many people donated in memory of our supporter Beverley Menzies’ canine companion ‘Tug’. We also received several donations in memory of Desmond Murphy, and Robyn Blake, Patsy Chalmers and Heather Willes donated in memory of Rosalind Willes.

In Celebration

Nick Kolliner donated to celebrate Carol Young’s 70th birthday. Kim Langley donated at the request of Peta Kowalski to celebrate her 50th birthday. We also received a donation from Emma Verge in celebration of Peta’s birthday, and another from Freya Stromsvag to celebrate Gabi’s birthday.


We gratefully acknowledge receiving gifts in Wills from the following estates: Chris Burrowes, Loris Lorraine Grote, Gretel Woodward, Lorraine Maxine Meldrum, and Wanda Marion Summers.

If you would like to become a Bush Heritage Australia bequest supporter, contact Rebecca Passlow in our bequests team on 1300 NATURE (1300 628 873) or (03) 8610 9100.