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Thank you

Published 04 Oct 2017 

Thanks to the many supporters who have generously donated to our work.

In memorium

The following donations were made in memory of loved ones.

On Scottsdale (NSW) native seedlings are grown for revegetation. Photo Annette Ruzicka.
On Scottsdale (NSW) native seedlings are grown for revegetation. Photo Annette Ruzicka.
Rodney Goodbun donated in memory of his partner Jeff, with thanks to his friends for their loving support; Mr Bernard Crowe donated in memory of his wife, Mrs Janice Crowe; Pamela Diestel gave a gift to remember her daughter, Emily Diestel; Jean Cockayne and Robyn Cooper remembered Ian Winlaw with a donation; many people donated in memory of David Mattingley; those close to James Minifie donated in his memory; the Mission Brown Team and Elizabeth Smart donated in memory of Hazel O’Connor; and the friends and family of Brian Pullen donated in his memory.

In celebration

A number of donations were made to celebrate the marriage of Doug and Jenny; Vicki Waters donated in celebration of her mother Eileen Bradsworth’s 80th birthday; Damien Chillemi donated in celebration of his mother Leanne on mother’s day; and Suzy, Brett and family donated on behalf of Kristi for her birthday.

Photo Anna Carlile.
Photo Anna Carlile.

We gratefully acknowledge receiving gifts in Wills from the following estates: Gilbert Charles Docking, Phyllis Marie Elizabeth Hodsdon, Leonard Edwin Bergemann, Rosemary Boeren, Peter Witt Edwards, Terence Phillip O’Brien, Robert Foster, Barry Phillip Moore, Ann Gormley, Kenneth Alfred Iles, Julianne Bell, Grace Finlayson, Jean Edgecombe, John David Adams, Margaret Munro Esson and Edith Ellen Robb.

If you're considering leaving a lasting legacy to the bush in your Will, please contact our Bequests team on 1300 NATURE or (03) 8610 9100.

Visit our reserves

Experience the spectacular landscapes you're helping to protect across Australia. We offer a range of options, from self-guided day-trips, to multi-day camping adventures and guided tours with Bush Heritage ecologists.

A full list of visitation opportunities for 2018 will be published in the summer edition of Bush Tracks. In the meantime, see our visitation page for more information.