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Published 27 Mar 2018 

Thank you to the many supporters who've generously donated to our work. 

We gratefully acknowledge receiving gifts in Wills from the following estates, whose lasting legacies will help ensure that both current and future generations can continue to experience the bush as we know it:

Kwok Paul Lee, Sheila Brown, Gretel Woodward, Elizabeth Constance Carr, Donald Blair Mackay, Jane Scragg, Patricia Naylor and Dr Ann Monica Murphy.

In memory

The following donations were made in memory of loved ones.

  • Several donations were made in memory of Mr Peter Ashenden,
  • the passing of Dr Malcolm Stevens was honoured with donations from Mr H. Stevens and Phillipa Harvey, 
  • Susan Harraway donated in memory of Mr Denys H. Harraway, 
  • The memory of Michael Collins was marked with donations by David Carman, Anne Birkeby Mikkelsen, Lesley White, Bruce Dawe, the Mornington & district Historical Society, George Koczkar, Carol Saynor and Brian Snape,
  • Melbourne Grammar School donated in memory of Mr Phillip Toyne, 
  • Patricia Gralton donated in memory of Mr P. Gralton,
  • Mr D. Hutchinson and Leonie Winlaw donated in memory of Mr Ian Winlaw,
  • Ruy O. Barretto donated in memory of Scott Ian Scomersich,
  • Patricia Dowling donated in memory of Mrs Gwen Mawer,
  • Yvonne Foster honoured the memory of Mr Robert  A Foster with a donation, 
  • Judy Mellowes donated in memory of Denys Harraway, a long-time and valued friend,
  • Donations were received on behalf of Michael Johnson in memory of his mother Betty, 
  • Andrew Bowman – of Corryong – was remembered, with donations received from Andrew  Webb, Simon Madin, Jishukan Australia and Alison Mackinnon,
  • Junia Rath supported us in memory of Gunter Rath,
  • Fiona Keating donated in memory of Mr David Eric Hutchison,
  • Lauren Jackson donated in memory of her brother, Connor Jackson,
  • Julie Kay Barringer donated in the memory of Lucy Groves – Aunt and Great Aunt to Jean (nee Windus),
  • Peter Poland made donations in memory of both Keith Wake and Sir Nicholas Shehadie.

In celebration

Joe Nicotera donated in celebration of Wendy Atkins' 50th Birthday. Jenny Deyzel donated in celebration of Coralie's 8th birthday. Eileen Bradsworth donated to celebrate the 50th birthday of her daughter Vicki Waters and Louise Bartram donated in celebration of Martin Fisher's 60th birthday.