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Thank you

Published 20 Jun 2018 

Thank you to the many supporters who've generously donated to our work. Our work is only possible because of generous donations from supporters like you.

We gratefully acknowledge receiving gifts in Wills from the following estates, whose lasting legacies will help ensure that both current and future generations can continue to experience the bush as we know it:

Kwok Paul Lee, Sheila Brown, Gretel Woodward, Elizabeth Constance Carr, Donald Blair Mackay, Jane Scragg, Patricia Naylor and Dr Ann Monica Murphy.

In memory

The following donations were made in memory of loved ones.

  • UNSW Global made a corporate donation in memory of Mrs Julia Elphinstone.
  • Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group made a donation in memory of Dr Peter Curtis

In celebration

Several gifts were made in the name of celebrating with Mr Peter Johnson. Raya Mayo donated in celebration of Tim Overton's birthday. Chris Fegan and Tim Curtis donated in celebration of Andrew and Simon's wedding. Michael Drake donated to celebrate the birthday of C Zanetti. Nicholas Safstrom left us a gift after a special event at the Safstroms exhibition Art Center.