2019 newsletters

Published 17 Sep 2019 


  • The one million tree project
    We’re embarking on our largest revegetation project ever to restore parts of Eurardy Reserve cleared for agriculture.
  • From the CEO
    “I was lucky enough to travel to Karajarri country in the south-west Kimberley region of WA where our newest Aboriginal partnership is based.”
  • The future is female
    The Karajarri Women’s Ranger team has more than doubled in size over the past 12 months as women step up to care for their country and culture.
  • An antidote to despair
    Rather than lose hope when eucalypts started dying in central Victoria, Bush Heritage scientists came up with an innovative solution using future climate scenarios.
  • My happy place
    “I’ve grown up on rivers; I spent my childhood on the Murray River and then I spent 20 years on the Fitzroy River in the Kimberley, and now I’m down here living alongside the Murrumbidgee River,” writes Scottsdale Reserve Manager, Phil Palmer.
  • Thank you
    Our work is only possible because of generous donations from supporters such as these.


  • Refuge in the Kimberley
    Uunguu Rangers are helping to protect habitat in one of Australia’s most important refuges.
  • From the CEO
    “In the face of threats from climate change, dedicated protected areas are becoming more important than ever.”
  • Museums of evolution
    Thanks to a three-part conservation approach, Red-finned Blue-eye numbers are beginning to recover.
  • Fit for the future
    In the face of climate change, the fate of many species could rely on Yourka Reserve.
  • Sanctuary of solace
    When award-winning author Nikki Gemmell visited Liffey Valley reserves in Tasmania, she discovered a landscape where quietness reigns.
  • My happy place
    “Djïḻpin is my country. It is my country because it belonged to my father and my grandfather,” writes Arafura Swamp Ranger, Mali Djarrbal.
  • Thank you
    Our work is only possible because of generous donations from supporters such as these.


  • Feral focus
    How we’re working beyond our boundaries to control foxes and feral cats in south-west Western Australia.
  • In the field
    The recent opening of the Michael Tichbon Field Station heralds a new era for Bush Heritage’s conser vation wor k in the species-rich Fitz-Stirling region of the south-west.
  • Burning the right way
    On Bunuba country, in the central Kimberley region of Western Australia, Aboriginal rangers are combining Western technologies with their traditional knowledge to keep a millenia-old tradition alive.
  • Battle for the bite sized
    There’s a common misconception that deserts are devoid of life, but the arid Outback is home to a huge diversity of plants and animals.
  • My happy place
    “For hundreds of years, it has been providing life-giving habitat, food and shade for countless species, and playing its role in the complex nutrient cycle of this fascinating eucalyptus woodland ecosystem of the mid-west.” writes Charles Darwin Reserve Manager Will Hansen.
  • Thank you
    Our work is only possible because of generous donations from supporters such as these.