Autumn 2020

Published 13 Apr 2020 

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  • Rainbirds return
    A special planting program in south-west Western Australia is helping endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoos to rebuild  their population.
  • From the CEO
    “Our role now – as land managers  and custodians of this country – is to help  fire-affected species and landscapes to  recover as quickly as possible.”
  • The science of recovery
    Two months after the North Black Range Fire  swept across Bush Heritage’s Burrin Burrin Reserve  in NSW, ecologist Dr Matt Appleby assesses  the damage and recovery rate.
  • Farming for the future
    On a farm in the Tasmanian Midlands, Simon Cameron is proving that conservation and superfine wool production can go hand-in-hand. 
  • Jane Caro: Out bush
    When writer and self-confessed city-slicker  Jane Caro takes an opportunity to venture west,  it leads her to experience all the highlights and some of the lowlights of life in the field.
  • Kurt Tschirner: My happy place
    “This Red Gum is massive and many centuries old. Gazing at this tree is like looking back in time;  it’s easy to imagine kids over hundreds of years  past playing on and around it (as my daughters  do now)."
  • Thank you
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