Summer 2020

Published 20 Dec 2019 

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  • Smart country
    At Naree Station Reserve, water is as precious and rare as gold. Our job: to make sure that when the water comes – either from the sky or down the rivers – the land is ready.
  • From the CEO
    “Currently, Australia is suffering one of the worst bushfire seasons in decades, with large parts of the country being impacted. Our hearts go out to the people and wildlife bearing the brunt of these catastrophic fires…”
  • Food for thought
    In the central-west Kimberley, near the town of Fitzroy Crossing, the Bunuba community has created a legacy for generations to come.
  • River people
    Antia Brademann discovers that for the people who live and work on the upper Murrumbidgee River, it's more than just a waterway; it's a way of life that connects them all.
  • Aferlife in the outback
    University of Sydney researcher Emma Spencer is helping us understand how carcasses might be putting our native species at risk.
  • My happy place
    “We’ve owned Naree for seven years now — before that it was a sheep station — and we’re trying to allow the Mulga here to regenerate but it takes a long time to grow,” writes Naree Reserve Manager, Greg Carroll.
  • Thank you
    Our work is only possible because of generous donations from supporters such as these.