Winter 2020

Published 15 Jun 2020 

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  • Six months on
    Silver linings shine as Bush Heritage’s Yourka Reserve in far north Queensland regenerates following a significant bushfire last year.
  • From the CEO
    “Whether it’s learning how to home school, stay connected with loved ones, or plan a burning program in the Kimberley under social distancing guidelines, this year has taught us all how to adapt and operate in different ways.”
  • Seeds of change
    Fire can be as harmful as it is essential in the Kimberley. Maintaining that fine balance is at the heart of the Bunuba Rangers’ fire program, bringing right-way winthali back to country.
  • Our bush heroes
    The Australian bush is remarkably resilient to fire, and that’s in no small part thanks to the combined services of many native animals.
  • Firebirds
    The Mimal Rangers of central Arnhem Land are looking after country the right way, preventing damaging wildfires and reducing emissions, with a fire-spreading raptor at their side.
  • Leanne Hales: My happy place
    “My favourite part of Yourka is not actually a place, it’s a colour. Somewhere between blue, green, grey and silver is a shade I call Themeda Green."
  • Thank you
    Our work is only possible because of generous donations from supporters such as these.