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Bushtracks Winter 2020

Published 15 Jun 2020

In March this year, our Bunuba partners in the Kimberley region of Western Australia were due to start a project that had been a long time coming: bringing back right-way winthali (fire) to parts of their country that hadn’t been walked on for many decades. But when COVID-19 arrived it threw a spanner in the works.

In the story ‘Seeds of change’ you’ll learn how, with determination and some creative thinking, Bunuba ultimately were able to push ahead with their winthali project and we’re privileged to be supporting them in that work.

In much the same way, our staff have been finding ways to ensure that our reserves – particularly those affected by the Black Summer fires – are still being protected and looked after. Through all of this, the health of our staff, our supporters, and of course the bush, has been foremost in our minds.

Adapting to change has been a consistent theme of 2020 so far.

Whether it’s learning how to home schoolstay connected with loved ones, or plan a burning program in the Kimberley under social distancing guidelines, this year has taught us all how to adapt and operate in different ways.

There have been many silver linings to the past few months, too. Across the globe, from Venice to Los Angeles, the environment is benefitting from humankind’s newfound stillness. Pollution and greenhouse gas emissions have dropped and wild animals are reclaiming urban spaces, proving that nature can bounce back when given the chance.

Through all of this, your unwavering support has been staggering. It has allowed our staff to continue doing their vitally important work and for that I cannot thank you enough.

With care,

CEO Heather CampbellHeather Campbell's signature

Heather Campbell, Chief Executive Officer. 

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