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Wildflowers in south-west WA. Photo Simon Smale.
Wildflowers in south-west WA. Photo Simon Smale.

Thank you

Published 11 Oct 2021

Our work would not be possible without the support of people like you. As well as the many other donors who've recently contributed, in particular we gratefully acknowledge:

  • the estate of Myra Finlay,
  • the estate of Bevan Tatnell,
  • the estate of John Yorkston,
  • the estate of Marjorie Robb,
  • the estate of Margaret Bowman,
  • the estate of Heather Craig and
  • the estate of Ruth Crosson.

Generously donating in memory of loved ones were:

  • Lucy Candy-Watson left a gift in memory of Colin Candy, who was very passionate about the Australian landscape and environment
  • Lucas Ballentine-Cole donated in memory of Diane Fields.
  • Susan O'Reilly contributed to our work in memory of Grace O'Reilly Barbalet.
  • Martha A. Henderson left a gift in memory of our son Guy who died suddenly and unexpectedly in July 2016.
  • Jane Bassham donated in in loving memory of Marlene and Rodger Bassham.
  • Margaret Allen contributed in loving memory of Judith Rhodes Board aged 93 years, who loved the outdoors.
  • Kaye Follett left a gift in loving memory of Mr Ray Jeffery.
  • Several donations were left in memory of Lyn Munro; a conservationist, authority on native orchids and fungi and bush lover, particularly of the Grampians. She cared deeply about the environment and wanted to preserve it for future generations.
  • Marilyn Whiddett donated in memory of Mrs Leith Ransley.
  • Many donations were left in memory of Eric Stockdale.
  • Kathryn Blyth donated in memory of Sophie Elizabeth Allen.
  • Several donations were made in memory of Jenny Shepherd from Thurgoona NSW - a dedicated supporter of our native bush.
  • Colleen Smith donated in memory of D. Wain Sr.
  • Margaret Mace left a gift in memory of Max Murray.
  • Patricia Ryan contributed in memory of her wonderful brother, Michael. 'Miss you, Champ!'
  • Zdena Rumreich donated in memory of Mr Robert Besley.
  • Karl-Heinz Topfer left a gift in memory of Bronwen Topfer, and
  • Mich Allen donated in memory of his Dad who gifted his son a love of the bush, sea and inland waters.

Gifts in lieu of celebration were made by:

  • Annabel Kirkby left a gift in celebration of David Kirkby's 61st birthday,
  • Paula Mehring left a gift to celebrate Peter Haff,
  • Julie Parr donated in celebration of Nicci Whitehouse's 70th birthday,
  • Rosalind Burnell left a gift in celebration of Alan Monger's 80th birthday,
  • Nicola Barbatano donated in celebration of Mr Anthony Ritchie's birthday,
  • Adrienne Cliff contributed to celebrate Stuart Hansen's birthday,
  • Doreen Kendell donated in celebration of Allie and Zac's wedding,
  • Margaret Hynoski left a gift in celebration of Faith Hynoski's birthday,
  • Helen Coates donated in celebration of Anne Harvey's birthday,
  • Greg Kaplan donated to celebrate Elliana Kaplan on her 21st birthday, and
  • Kaye Weston left a gift in celebration of Michelle's birthday.

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