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Thank you

Published 21 Jan 2021 

Our work would not be possible without the support of people like you.

Generously donating in memory of loved ones were:

Wildflowers on Monjebup North Reserve. Photo William Marwick,
Wildflowers on Monjebup North Reserve. Photo William Marwick,

  • Margaret Edwards donated in memory of Mr Bob Edwards.
  • Elizabeth Russell gave a gift in loving memory of Murray Courtney Russell, now reunited with his wife Margaret Ellen Russell. They were loved by all who knew them.
  • Liz Headland donated in memory of Mr Ian Wallace and Mr David Sheedy.
  • Colleen Boyd donated in memory of Graham Wallace Searl, a wonderful principal, Green, Unionist, and friend.
  • Peter Wagner donated in memory of his friend Ken Beacon.
  • Peter Smillien donated in loving memory of Neville Hatten who was a longtime supporter of Bush Heritage Australia, with her best wishes to Neville's children Anne, Roger, and Tim.
  • Hazel Brentnall donated in memory of Neville Hatten.
  • Monique Burton donated in memory of Richard who loved the bush.
  • Cora Wallace donated in memory of Ken Naismith.
  • Soula, Cheryl, Gemma, Rose, Robyn and Zeta donated in memory of Mrs Jennie Lee. 
  • Janice Dudley donated in memory of Martin Kavanagh.
  • Elizabeth Meredith donated in memory of Neville Hatten.

Gifts to celebrate an occasion:

  • Aleksandra Spooner donated to support out conservation work in celebration of Daniel's 18th birthday.
  • Emily Branford donated in celebration of Emily Branford's birthday.
  • Jo Fairall celebrated Ms Luanne Hill's birthday with a gift.
  • Anne Stevens donated in celebration of Amanda Smith's birthday.
  • Chin Geok donated in celebration of her friend Margaret Grace.
  • Jessica Rogers donated in celebration of Gid and Tayla's engagement.
  • Stephen Scholem donated in celebration of Ruth Gawler's birthday.
  • Patrick Chung donated in celebration of the wedding of Christopher and Isabelle Kent.