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Thank you

Published 25 Mar 2022 

Our work would not be possible without the support of people like you, as well as the many other donors who've recently contributed.

We gratefully acknowledge the estates of Reginald Hardwick, Jonathan Hunt, Jane Frolich, David Wakefield and Laura MacMillan, Cameron Walsh and Lorraine McDermott.

In memory of loved ones

  • Karl Meinke left a gift in memory of his father Klaus, who showed him the Australian outback as a boy, and his friend Anne Veronica White.
  • Many donations were left by friends, family and colleagues in memory of Ms Karen Bloomberg, a passionate campaigner who enhanced the lives of people with intellectual disability and inspired everyone she met.
  • Many gifts were received to celebrate the life of David Carolane, OAM, as suggested by his wife Sue. David brought joy to the lives of many at Murray Conservatorium.
  • Donations were made in memory of Anne Therese Hetherington by colleagues of her daughter, Eva Dixon. Anne was a great lover of nature and the Australian bush.
  • Julie Duell left a gift in memory of John Duell.
  • Jean Jones made a donation in honour of her friend Vicki.
  • June Malmberg left a donation in memory of Walter Maxwell Smith.

Gifts in celebration

  • Deborah S. McKay made a donation to celebrate Eliza Wyllie’s 100th birthday - a lasting legacy.
  • Several generous donations were made in celebration of Andrew and Stephanie Hebbard's wedding.
  • A donation was received from Amelie for Miss Gemma Anderson's birthday, as Gemma would like to help the Red-finned Blue-eyed fish and the Golden-shouldered Parrot.