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Verticordia at Eurardy Reserve. Photo by Sam Fisher
Verticordia at Eurardy Reserve. Photo by Sam Fisher

Thank you

Published 13 Oct 2022
We gratefully acknowledge the estates of Elaine Cairns, Robert James Wilson, Joan Pearson, Sydney Strauch, Sheila Storrs, Warwick Mayne-Wilson, Alan J. Williams, Joan Barlow, Rachel Boyd, Sonia Oelrich, Julianne Elisabeth Bell and Dorothy Searle as well as the many other people who have recently donated to our work.

In memory of loved ones

  • A great many donations were made in loving memory of Sharyn Andersen (Cullis), who was a dedicated and inspiring environmental activist and supporter of Bush Heritage, gone too young and forever missed.
  • Margery Creek and Valerie Weber left us gifts in memory of Mr Eugene Creek.
  • Martha A. Henderson donated in memory of her son Guy.
  • Several donations were made in loving memory of Ruth Elizabeth Mitchell.
  • Margaret Folkard donated in memory of dear friend Margie Barnes, who was a great environmental supporter.
  • Margaret Allen left a gift to remember Mr Wayne Meldham
  • Mary Natoli donated in memory of John Kennedy.
  • The Manning-Great Lakes Greens left a gift in memory of Lesley Archer; a faithful supporter of the environment.
  • Millard Coffin donated in memory of Keith William Storey.
  • Several people gifts in fond memory of Bill Westwood.
  • Robyna Cozens left a gift in memory of Trent Williams.
  • Tony Millar donated in memory of Philip Kidner, a true lover of Bush Heritage and the work it has done.
  • Several donations were made in rememberance of John Gordon who devoted much of his time and interest to Australia’s birdlife.
  • Mark Spencer donated in loving memory of Frank May
  • Renee Cassels left a gift in loving memory of Dominic Harrington. A good man who loved the natural world, especially the Australian landscape and its inhabitants.
  • Several people left donations in loving memory of Alex Hodges, including her twin sister Jenny Luesby and husband Ivan. She is remembered as a loving and dedicated wife and mother, caring friend to many, and an activist for innumerable causes.
  • Many donations were received in honour of Bernard Crowe, a long time Bush Heritage supporter.
  • Peter Butler left a gift in memory of Joyce Weeks.
  • Jane Pitman donated in honour of Ms Monica Moyes.
  • Several donations were made in memory of Mr Victor Noden.
  • Jennifer Paternoster left a gift in memory of Mario Russo.
  • Jocelyn Chey made a donation in memory of the Rev. Dr Helen Granowski who was a supporter of Bush Heritage.
  • Southeast Botanical Consulting Pty Ltd left a gift in memory of their friend and colleague, the zoologist Daniel Gilmore.
  • Tania Gatehouse made a donation in memory of her late father.

Gifts in celebration

  • Bonnie Palmer donated as a birthday gift for Julian Palmer.
  • Vaughn, Ariaan, Adelie and Otto left a gift in celebration of Heather and Roly, wishing them many happy years ahead.
  • Donations were received on the occasion of Siobhan Hanley’s 21st birthday.
  • Janet Mather left a gift to celebrate Ms Jenny Mather’s birthday.
  • David Brewster and Christine Newman donated in lieu of a birthday gift for Fred Woollard.
  • Donations were received in celebration of Chris and Kylie’s wedding.
  • Nikki Gemmel left a gift to mark her friend Fiona Buntman’s birthday.
  • Patricia Ryan donated for Michael.

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