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Thank you

Published 14 Jun 2022 

Our work would not be possible without the support of people like you, as well as the many other donors who've recently contributed.

We gratefully acknowledge the estates of Elaine Cairns, Robert James Wilson, Joan Pearson, Sydney Strauch, Sheila Storrs, Warwick Mayne-Wilson, Alan J. Williams, Joan Barlow, Rachel Boyd, Sonia Oelrich, Julianne Elisabeth Bell and Dorothy Searle as well as the many other people who have recently donated to our work.

In memory of loved ones

  • Karen Thumm left a gift in memory of Freddy Kruger
  • Zita Canning donated in memory of her dear friend and colleague, Karen Bloomberg.
  • Cathy Wilkes left a gift in memory of mum and dad - Margaret and Graham Walters - who were passionate and long-time supporters of Bush Heritage.
  • A gift was received from Patricia Ryan in memory of her lovely brother, Michael, who is very much missed.
  • The Federation Press left a donation in memory of Noel Preston.
  • Helen Wong left a gift in memory of a dear friend Sharyn Andersen.
  • Several donations were made in memory of the warm and loving Sharyn Andersen, a true supporter and nature lover whose kindness was never forgotten. 
  • Kate Greenup made a donation to honour the life of Mr Gene Creek.

Gifts in celebration

  • Several gifts were left to celebrate Christoph Diehlmann's birthday.
  • Jacqueline K. Wolstenholme donated on the occasion of Trish Pontynen's birthday
  • A gift was received from Jenny Stokes to mark our friend Roberta's 80th birthday.
  • Many gifts were gratefully received to celebrate Holly and Jackson's wedding.
  • Tamasin Tunny donated as a Mother's Day gift for her mother, Leith Clayton-Brandt
  • Many donations were received to celebrate Joni's vey first birthday.
  • Janine House and her sisters Emily and Ella left a gift to celebrate their Dad's birthday 
  • A gift was made for Jenny McFarlane's birthday, from Ro, Ruby, Felix and Xanthe.