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Bushtracks Summer 2023

Published 12 Jan 2023

Regardless of the season, I find it particularly special to step out my back door and listen to the symphony of the bush. All around me various species’ individual songs work together to create the perfect chorus. It makes me reflect on the importance of individual actions – contributions, no matter how big or small, that come together to help create nature’s magic tapestry.

In this edition of Bushtracks, we share some of the actions we’re taking and those with our partners to contribute to this tapestry and improve our country’s magnificent biodiversity.

As we watch communities and landscapes in the Kimberley, Western Australia grapple with record rainfall and flooding, we are reminded of the power of water, when we have both too much and also not enough. Our hearts are with people in the Kimberley currently impacted by floodwaters and our sights are firmly set on what we can do to help protect the landscapes we love against the growing threats of climate change and associated storms.

This edition’s article ‘Ngapa Kunangkul – Living Waters’ follows Karajarri Elders and rangers as they journey back to sacred water sites to continue practicing over 60,000 years of care and custodianship for Country. Reading the piece, I am inspired and motivated by this work.

In Australia, more than 50% of our landmass is managed for agriculture. For our work to have the greatest impact, it must go beyond our reserves’ boundaries and into agricultural lands.

At Napperby Station, we are working with partner Hewitt to achieve shared ecological outcomes. This is a partnership that will benefit all the native species who call the station home, including the Black-Footed Rock Wallaby.

At Yourka Reserve, ecologists Daniella Teixeira and Courtney Melton are quite literally recording the symphony of the bush. Harnessing emerging technology, they’re using ecoacoustics and artificial intelligence to monitor the health of woodland bird communities. This is a project that adds more efficient tools to the Bush Heritage toolkit.

What’s behind all these actions, are dedicated people; from our Aboriginal partners to our volunteers, supporters, researchers and other landholders.

In ‘Learning Garawa’ we celebrate people, culture and, in particular, language’s role in the management of a landscape. This article illustrates how annual culture camps allow for familiar voices to return to Waanyi Garawa Country and for over 60,000 years of knowledge to be passed onto the next generation.

Thank you for your support, allowing us to put our 2030 Strategy into action and carry the momentum built in 2022 into the year ahead.

Please enjoy stories from the irreplaceable landscapes that you help protect.

CEO Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell's signature

Heather Campbell, Chief Executive Officer.

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