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Dune crest at Pilungah Reserve. Phoro by Ingo Schomacker
Dune crest at Pilungah Reserve. Phoro by Ingo Schomacker

Thank you

Published 13 Jan 2023

Our work would not be possible without the support of people like you and so many other donors who've recently contributed.

Gifts in Celebration

Australian BustardHayden Nelthorpe, Kate Sievert, Julia Earley and Susanna De Leijer donated to celebrate the marriage of Katie Wood and Brett De Leijer.

Patrick Dow, Bo Zacharchuk, Robyn Baldwin-Winter and Gary Bottomer gave on behalf of Danielle & Michael Courtier-King as a Wedding Gift.

Tamika Dei Tos left a gift for Ann Harvey on her 85th Birthday.

Aiden Mackey was inspired to leave a gift by Ash & Adam's engagement.

Elise Elliott donated on behalf of birthday boy Anand Ramakrishnan.

Jo Rumpus donated in celebration of her Grandad's birthday.

Ned, Violet & Anna Barbarich generously donated in celebration of Marc's 80th birthday!

Dean Armstrong's gift was in celebration of Maia's birthday

Olivia McConchie gave in celebration of Anthony's birthday!    

Michael Olsen celebrated Christmas with a donation on behalf of Aunty Sue.

Kasper Wildwood donated on behalf of Jules Seabright on her birthday.

Euan MacDonald left a gift on behalf of Mrs Healas and Mrs Todd.

Generous donations in memory of loved ones

Susan Jonas donated in memory of Mr Victor Noden.

Peter Dickinson and Elizabeth Gore donated in memory of Brian Neil Young.

Wanda Myers donated in memory of Ms Alexandra Hodges.

Jane Dubsky donated in memory of Anne Mancini.

Stephen Nicolson donated in memory of Brian Young, a supporter of Bush Heritage.

Duncan Lega donated in memory of Barbara Rae Praetz.

Peter Poland donated in memory of Commodore Malcolm Baird.

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Ngapa Kunangkul – Living waters

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A station with a vision

The future of farming looks different when you step closer at Napperby Station, where the mission is to “feed the world with a system that lasts forever”.

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Learning Garawa

“I think to read and write in Garawa out in the bush is everything,” says Nancy. “You’re on the land to learn about your culture.”

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Annie Mayo's happy place

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Dune crest at Pilungah Reserve. Phoro by Ingo Schomacker

BUSHTRACKS 13/01/2023

Thank you

Thanks to the many supporters who have generously donated to support our conservation projects during the Summer of 2022-23.

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