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Bushtracks Winter 2023

Published 13 Jun 2023

In this Bushtracks, read stories about Bush Heritage’s enthusiasm and preparation for our future, guided by our 2030 Strategy. As part of this work, we have built on Bush Heritage’s incredible values and brand, changes you will note in the design of this edition. An exercise to consolidate who we are now and who we want to be in years to come.

We begin with our 'Climate Futures' project, one that uses leading science to understand our ‘priority landscapes’ responses to a changing climate. The regions we’ve identified as places where our work is needed most, concentrating our efforts to deliver vital impact.

In the field, it has been a time of adapting and action. The article 'A dry flood' takes you to our Pilungah and Ethabuka reserves in Central West Queensland, Wangkamadla Country. Here, staff are pivoting work plans as they prepare for the region’s switch from ‘boom’ to ‘bust.’

For our landscapes to thrive they must be actively managed. We recognise the critical role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people play in keeping Country healthy.

On Wiradjuri Country at Tarcutta Hills Reserve in NSW, we are learning from Traditional Owners’ expert fire management knowledge to conduct culturally-led burns. And in 'Returning to Country' we celebrate the next step in our long partnership with the Badimia people, Traditional Owners of Charles Darwin Reserve in Western Australia.

As you may have heard, I’ve made the incredibly hard decision to leave Bush Heritage to do less remote travel and prioritise the other great privileges in my life, my children. I wish to offer an enormous thank you for your support and the opportunity to lead the organisation over the past four and half years.

As this edition proves, Bush Heritage is preparing itself for the challenges of the future with the best people and tools to do so. I am confident the organisation will deliver on the goals outlined in the 2030 Strategy, a clear path for our precious landscapes to stay safe and healthy for years to come.

CEO Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell's signature

Heather Campbell, Chief Executive Officer.

Stories in this edition of Bushtracks

A flooded claypan at Pilungah Reserve. By Ingo Schomacker

BUSHTRACKS 13/06/2023

A dry flood

In summer vast tracts of Central West Queensland’s channel country were covered in water. Our Pilungah and Ethabuka reserves are now preparing for the other side of the ‘boom-bust’ cycle.

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BUSHTRACKS 13/06/2023

Angela McLean's happy place

A restored patch of remnant native scrub on Ngarrindjeri Country, South Australia.

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Woodlands at Tarcutta Hills. By Annette Ruzicka

BUSHTRACKS 13/06/2023

The first of many flames

A cultural burn at Tarcutta Hills Reserve, Wiradjuri Country, lights the way for the revival of right-way fire practices.

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BUSHTRACKS 13/06/2023

Returning to Country

In Western Australia's Southwest Botanical Province, when Badimia, Bimarra and Barna come together, great things happen.

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View from Mount Kerang on Nardoo Hills Reserve. By Belinda Lees

BUSHTRACKS 13/06/2023

Mapping our future

The ‘Climate Futures’ project helps us stay one step ahead of the climate curve. It's a long-term analysis of how the climate is likely to change in our priority landscapes and the expected impacts.

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Golden Wattle at Nardoo Hills Reserve. By Amelia Caddy

BUSHTRACKS 13/06/2023

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated in Winter 2023 to support our conservation projects.

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