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Golden Wattle at Nardoo Hills Reserve. By Amelia Caddy
Golden Wattle at Nardoo Hills Reserve. By Amelia Caddy

Thank you

Published 13 Jun 2023

Our work would not be possible without the support of people like you and so many other donors who've recently contributed.

Gifts in celebration

Dan and Ben's 50'th birthdays were celebrated with generous donation from many of their friends and family.

Paola Mendez supported our conservation work with a donation for her step-daughter's 10th wedding anniversary.

Marjorie Hookey donated to celebrate the 80th Birthday of a friend with whom she has volunteered for many years caring for native animals at Healsville Sanctuary.

Suzanne Wolf and Misty Witenberg donated to honor Ron Witenberg on his 80th birthday!

Ailsa Head wished Happy birthday to Janet with a gift to support our work.

Keith Edwards wished happy birthday to Madeleine with a donation and a😊

Shay, Kylie and Patrick donated with love to celebrate Lynette Bosworth's birthday.

Caroline Minogue donated for the birthday of Ian Tedder, who is a Bush Heritage supporter. 

Kevin McLoughlin gave a generous gift in recognition of Barbara Jackson’s 80th Birthday.

Susie Pezzoni donated for Rachel and Alex's wedding.

Patrick Stein and family wished happy birthday to his Mum with a donation.

Elizabeth Thompson donated as a birthday gift for Julia.

Generous donations in memory of loved ones

Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann donated in memory of Ed.

Chris Earls donated in memory of her niece Jess who loved the natural world and especially the Australian bush.

Jenny Stokes and David Jones gave in memory of their friend Peter Biggs.  

Lois Addison donated in memory of her husband David.

Gillian Dickman donated for Viv.

Pamela Bretz gave in memory of Richard Aranoff.

Edith Molina donated on behalf her late husband to express the love, admiration and gratefulness they shared for bees.

Jeanne-Marie Cross donated in memory of the ABC film crew who were lost in tragedy in August 2011 while filming Lake Eyre – they were men who loved the land.

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