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Mulla Mulla (Ptilotus exaltatus) at Edgbaston Reserve. Photo: Peter Wallis
Mulla Mulla (Ptilotus exaltatus) at Edgbaston Reserve. Photo: Peter Wallis

Thank you

Published 25 Mar 2024

Our work would not be possible without the support of people like you and so many other donors who've recently contributed.

Gifts in Celebration

Lucie Curry Cheenne and Lenny Dellios celebratred the birthdays of Jack Charlie with donations.

Kirsty Barnetson and The Carbon Farming Foundation gave generously to celebrate the wedding of Helena Bowler & Sam Beans.

Jennifer Stokes left a gift to celebrate Janet & Geoff Garrett's birthdays.

Rachael Ross, David Holleley, and Nathan Harrison all made donations in lieu of birthday presents on behalf of Cathy Cunningham.

Debra Lee gave a donation to wish Rebekah a Happy Birthday.

Tracy Champness made a donation to wish a Happy Birthday to Nicole Thompson.

Generous donations in memory of loved ones

Janine Lucato donated in memory of Christine Jamison-Jones..

Family and friends of Pamela Grinham made donations in her memory.

Violet Payne remembered Barbara Bellairs with a donation.

EJ Mann made a donation in commemoration of their father David Mann.

Jennifer Stephens, Trish Lawrence, Maria Girdler, Jane Hancock, and Neil Hardie all donated to remember the life of Rod Linklater.

John O'Brien left a gift in memory of Mireille Parker.

Margaret Allen donated to celebrate the life of Vicki.

Leeanne Keam, Jill Parker, Ian Forster, William Aitchison, Margaret James, Nicky Zanen, and Heather & John Ingram all donated in tribute to John Hanson, a passionate supporter of the Australian bush.

Stories in this edition

Bushtracks Autumn 2024

25/03/2024 25/03/2024

Bushtracks Autumn 2024

We take a look at the importance of monitoring woodland birds, some unexpected possums found in Western Australia, fire preparation work around the country and our newest and largest reserve - Evelyn Downs in South Australia's Painted Desert region.

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A Brushtail Possum at Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary, Badimia Country, WA. Photo: Brad Leue

BUSHTRACKS 25/03/2024

Possum party

Four hours north-east of Perth, the sight of a Brushtail Possum is one for celebration. It was recorded on a motion-sensor camera, and has been on a very special journey.

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Fire on Yourka Reserve, Jirrbal and Warrungu Country, QLD. Photo: Alistair Hartley

BUSHTRACKS 25/03/2024

Team spark

Teamwork, firebreaks and prescribed burning protects Yourka Reserve.

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Cumberland River and cliffs on Gadubanud Country, VIC. Photo: Luke Nagle

BUSHTRACKS 25/03/2024

My happy place

CEO Rachel Lowry revels in the rolling waves, golden sandstone cliffs, and the dark green of thick gum forest of her happy place.

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Ecologist Dr Donna Belder bird monitoring on Scottsdale Reserve, Ngambri and Ngarigo Country, NSW. Photo: Tad Souden

BUSHTRACKS 25/03/2024

Birdy barometer

One in four woodland-dependant birds are listed as threatened, and their populations are declining. Monitoring sheds light on how we can protect them.

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'The Painted Desert' on Evelyn Downs is located on Yankunytjatjara and Antarkirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara  Country, SA. Photo: Annette Ruzicka

BUSHTRACKS 25/03/2024

Protecting a painted beauty

Many paint our arid regions with a broad stroke and by doing so, obscure their vital intricacies. Thanks to our generous supporters, we can appreciate the diverse desert landscape of Evelyn Downs – our largest-ever reserve and newest acquisition.

Read More
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